About Us

Our mission

The mission of the association META is to actively help with determining and improving conditions that support equal opportunities for migrants, especially in the field of education, which is necessary for successful integration into society.

Our vision

The association that guarantees equal opportunities for everybody and that develops and uses your potential.

Target group

1 / migrants regardless of their residence and country of origin
a migrant is a person having migration experience (personal or family) that causes one of the following disadvantages: linguistic, socio-cultural or residence status limits
2 / pedagogical workers from all types of schools
3 / professionals (policy makers, decision makers, stakeholders, officers, colleagues from NGO, ...)
4 / general public (uninterested public, classmates of a migrant, ...)
Supplement to the target group of young migrants:
At first, the target group was limited to the age of 39 years, but gradually we came to the conclusion that anyone who wants to learn and develop themselves is actually young. Therefore, the target group was extended, but the name ("young") was left to emphasize the specifics of its activity focused on education and development.
Foreigners regardless of their age can become clients of META. Any potential limitation of our target group services (age, country of origin, type of residence and a place of residence in the Czech Republic) results from the conditions of particular projects/programs.
The Education Act allows compulsory school attendance for children of foreigners who illegally reside in the Czech Republic. Therefore, those people can also become clients of META o.p.s. Nevertheless, this only concerns the area of the compulsory school attendance. We can offer only one-time counselling and recommend another organization/institution to foreigners who reside illegally in the Czech Republic.

META, o.p.s. goals

1 / Creating opportunities for migrants, to integrate them into society and removing barriers that prevent this integration (language, socio-cultural diversity, networks, information)
2 / Support for pedagogical workers to develop competencies for working with pupils and students with a different mother tongue (DMT)
3 / Institutional ensuring of the integration process of migrants and achievement of a systemic change in the education of pupils with DMT towards inclusion
4 / Raising public awareness of migration