Assistance at schools

Children who come from foreign countries and start to attend Czech schools have to deal with difficulties during their adaptation. They often feel lonely, isolated and frustrated and they do not know where they have their roots at the beginning of their stay in the host country. Therefore, it is important to support those students thoughtfully and systematically.

We consider support of teachers and students with a different mother tongue (DMT) in the form of assistance during teaching very important. Therefore, we devoted several years to this form of support.

Non profit organization META has been dealing with this issue for a long time. It implemented projects related to assistance at Czech schools and it still seeks to solve the situation of students with a different mother tongue. 41 foreigners were trained within the projects called Foreigners as teacher assistants and Support of employment for foreigners in Prague I and II. Those projects were financed by PAOP.

The role of the teacher assistant is crucial for students with a different mother tongue and their adaptation and socialization. Especially bilingual and multilingual teacher assistants are helpful for those students. An assistant who shares migration experience or the same language can work as a mediator that reduces a cultural and linguistic barrier.
The work of bilingual assistants proved successful not only during the work with students with different mother tongue, but also in complex work with whole classes at Czech schools. Meetings with assistants who come from different cultures and speak different languages enable students and teachers to increase intercultural sensitivity. They are forced to work with feelings, prejudices and understanding of their own culture.
Students with a different mother tongue can receive several grants thanks to the assistance at schools:

  • Support in the Czech language teaching
  • Support in communicating and interacting with others at school
  • Support in teaching of particular subjects
  • Support in communication between parents and the school

For any further information regarding assistance at schools, contact Lucie Zrůstová, who could provide you with the information about projects we implemented.