We plan the program of the internship and the tasks for our interns according to the specific needs of the students and the current options availabe for joining the work of our non-profit organization in order to make the internship as effective, educational and enriching as possible for both parties.

We accept interns from secondary schools as well as universities from Czech and abroad.

Due to the type of our work we might not able to offer a longterm internship for a non-Czech speaking student, since most of our work is in Czech language. We can, however, offer rather short-time internship experience or participation in our volunteer program.

For further information, please contact the internship coordinator Marketa Marques via or (+420) 775 290 158.
Specify the name of your school, field of your studies, and other practical details regarding your internship such as the term, hours per day and the goals or a field of your internship, in case it is set by your school.

We will consider each application individually and carefully.
We are looking forward to our cooperation.