META in Numbers

Services for Foreigners

  • more than 3000 people were supported in direct counselling
  • more than 50 training courses were held and attended by more than 630 clients
  • over 135 volunteers underwent a voluntary program and provided their services for free

Services for Teachers

  • 66 seminars were organized for pedagogical workers
  • over 880 teachers and other public service workers were trained
  • 21 seminars, which 320 future teachers visited, were organized for students of faculties of education
  • 44 assistants for teachers were trained; their services were used by 197 foreigners at primary schools
  • pedagogical workers and other experts were provided with 250 information and methodical supports


Over 110 000 people visited our information web portal (monthly average 5000 visitors)

The origin of this material was supported by the European Union within the project METAplán - Komplexní program rozvoje organizace (METAplan - Comprehensive program of organization development)