ČEKUJ! Zlaté české ručičky! - 26.6.2019

Czech people like to see themselves as a nation of inventors, engineers, scientists as well as capablehome improvers. Join us for a tour of the National Technical Museum’s exposition “Made in Czechoslovakia - the industry that took over the world” which was opened to celebrate the 100th anniversary since the foundation of Czechoslovakia. The exposition tells a story of a small country that gave the world things like contact lenses or sugar cubes. :)

WHEN: Wednesday 26. 6. 2019, at 4p.m.
WHERE: Národní technické muzeum - Kostelní 42 - at the entrance
PRICE: adult tickets 250Kč, students 130Kč, family 470Kč
REGISTRATION: bit.ly/cekuj-registrace​
REGISTRATION IS BINDING: in case you can not attend the event, please cancel your participation minimum 24 hours before the event starts
CONTACT: heinrich@meta-ops.cz , 777 756 858 ​
MORE DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/klubcekuj/

After the exposition our event will continue with a picnic right by the muzeum on Letenská pláň so don’t forget your blankets and picnic baskets! Apart from good company you can look forward to some fun activities and chat about inventions, science, as well as DIY culture and home improvement around the world.

This particular exposition will only be available until the end of September however there’s much more to see in the museum so if you the time you are recommended to come earlier to browse the expositions and meet up with us at 4p.m. On the other hand if you’re unable to make it at 4 you can join us at 6p.m. (ish) by the museum entrance to join us for the picnic.

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We are looking forward to meeting you.
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