We've Moved to a New Office Location - Žerotínova street, Prague 3

Many changes are taking place in META. Since September you can find us at the new address: Žerotínova street number 35 in Prague 3 (bus stop Černínova) map.

All our services (consultations, Czech courses and tutoring) will be provided in Prague 3. Telephone contact and e-mail address for social workers remain the same: +420 775 339 003 or poradenstvi@meta-ops.cz.

In the new school year, we will again have a great demand for tutoring children with a non-Czech mother tongue, provided by our precious volunteers. If you are interested, please, contact our social workers: +420 775 339 003 or poradenstvi@meta-ops.cz.

Starting in October, we plan to open Czech language courses for children and evening Czech language courses for adults. Check out our website for updates in mid-September.