One-Year Preparatory Course for study at Czech Secondary School

META and the Center for Integration of Foreigners will prepare 24 students from different countries aged 14 to 20 years old to study at Czech secondary school. This Course is free of charge. It is implemented in the framework of a project CLICK WITH SCHOOL financed by The Velux Foundations.
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Registration for the academic year 2018/2019 HERE

The number of places in the course is limited, applicants must go through a two-round selection process:

  • A personal meeting with a social worker will follow after registration. In will include a motivational interview and a basic test of Czech language. The aim of this round is to find out if the candidate meets the basic conditions for attending the course.
  • If the requirements are fulfilled, the candidate will be invited to the second round. This round will have the form of model lesson of Czech language. The main purpose of this meeting is to get to know the candidate better, find out his motivation and the possibilities to match his needs with the rest of the class.

Course Description

1. When
17. 9. 2018 - 28. 6. 2019, 9:00 - 14:30 (29 teaching hours per week). Course schedule respects all school and public holidays.

3. Target group

The course is purposed for migrants between the ages 14 to 20, regardless of their type of residence and country of origin, who wish to study at a secondary school in the Czech Republic, but their knowledge of Czech is not sufficient (beginners). The main condition is to have 9 grades of basic education finished. The course can visite also students from different parts of the Czech Republic (not only Prague).
Participation in the course does not provide the right to obtain a residence permit for study purposes.

4. Price
The course is provided free of charge. Only CZK 500 are paid to a half-year class fund. Each participant will also pay a CZK 2 500 as a refundable deposit for semester (which will be returned if the student will fulfill the mandatory attendance).

Participants from outside of Prague have the opportunity to apply for a financial support, which can partially finance their accommodation or transport to Prague. More information can be provided by social workers of the project.

5. Aims of the Course

  • to prepare students for study at non-specified secondary school in Czech Republic
  • to develop the communication, grammar and vocabulary skills at the level of B1 - B2
  • to learn the vocabulary of elementary school subjects (Czech language, biology, geography, history, physics, chemistry, citizenship education, mathematics)
  • to develop learning skills (e.g. cooperation, discussion, problem solving, information retrieval etc.)
  • to get acquainted with Czech culture

vánoční workshopMikuláš v kurzu

About the course in: ENG/FRA/BGR/ARA, RUS/UKR/MNG/VNM


In the 2016/2017 school year 27 students from 11 different countries (eg Ukraine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, Cameroon) successfully completed a Course. And 26 of them were admitted to study at various types of secondary schools in the Czech Republic. Congratulations!
gratulace k vysvědčenívysvědčení


Hana Marková, tel.: 773639395 (META, o.p.s.)
Kristýna Šlajsová, tel.:222 360 834 (CIC)

Central Bohemian Region
Martina Čáslavová, tel.: 312 310 322 (CIC)

Liberec Region
Michaela Límová, tel.:222 360 452 (CIC)


The Course is implemented in the framework of a project CLICK WITH SCHOOL financed by The Velux Foundations.