Services for Foreigners

META o.p.s. is a nonprofit organization that has supported foreigners in education and labor integration since 2004.

Educational Counselling

META, o.p.s. social workers offer clients professional social counselling specialized in the field of education in the Czech Republic.

Foreigners who are interested in their education can become our clients regardless their age and type of the residence in the Czech Republic. If necessary, social workers can assist in solving a problem and in providing an interpreter.

The consultations should be arranged in advance:

Czech Language Courses

META, o.p.s. offers following Czech Language Courses:


In cooperation with volunteers we offer school pupils and secondary school students with non-native Czech language free individual and group tutoring and exam preparation.

Free time activities for foregners - club Čekuj!, aneb Česká kultura jinak

Our club Čekuj!, aneb Česká kultura jinak organizes free time activities for foreigners living in the Czech Republic - events, trips, themed evenings focusing on getting acquainted with Czech culture.

Library and Internet

Our clients can also use a library and computers with internet access, which is currently preparing in our new office, Žerotínova 35.


Services for Foreigners are provided at Žerotínova 35, 130 00 Prague 3 - Žižkov.