Services for Teachers

The section - services for teachers is focused on supporting teachers at all types of schools and educational institutions working with students with different mother tongues (DMT). Our support has the form of educational activities, counselling, methodical support, assistance at schools and preparation of educational materials.

The association META, o.p.s. provides teachers with counselling and methodical support in dealing with problematic situations and in education of students with different mother tongue (DMT, foreign pupils) at primary and secondary schools. We also focus on the support of teachers at kindergartens.

We think that the support of teachers and students with a different mother tongue (with DMT) is very important, especially in the form of assistance in teaching. Therefore, we have been giving our attention to this form of support for several years. We also help teachers to involve students with DMT in teaching at chosen schools where a big number of students with DMT study. Due to our presence at those schools, we have learnt a lot about educating students with DMT.

Bilingual assistants for teacher were employed at schools in Prague within two projects of PAOP (Prague Adaptability Operational Programme). We managed to create a triple support of: teachers, adult foreigners and students with DMT at schools.
We also manage the web portal

Inkluzivní škola is an information portal that was created by META in 2009: the portal is primarily focused on education of students with a different mother tongue (foreign pupils) and on their integration into Czech schools. This is a methodical supporting tool, which is devoted to this issue and offers a certain clue for teachers who work with those pupils and try to integrate them successfully.

Teachers can obtain information about the education of pupils with DMT from a legislative point of view on this portal. They learn how to organize the integration of these students at school, how to work with students in the classroom and how to teach Czech language as the second language in the course. Sources and inspiration are the integral part of the portal. They are in a separate section and at the same time they are integrally connected with particular themes of the portal. Teachers can find examples of good practice, illustrative case interpretations, teaching materials, useful study materials and web links there.


META won the award Naděžda 2010 in the field of integration of foreigners for creating an information web portal Due to the greatest number of votes, we won the price Velká Naděžda.

The web portal was internationally successful. The portal advanced to the final choice of 133 projects within the ERSTE Foundation award for social integration 2011, in which organizations from 12 European countries nominated 1850 projects. Therefore, META o.s. was included among so-called country winners. There were 320 projects enrolled from the Czech Republic and 25 advanced to the final. More information about the ERSTE Foundation can be found at