The tutoring is intended only for clients of META, o.p.s. and your social worker can arranged it. Tutoring is provided by volunteers and it is free of charge.

The tutoring takes place in the premises of META, o.p.s. and is based on individual needs of every client. The tutoring is focused on particular subjects, on preparation for entrance exams at secondary schools, colleges and universities with different fields of study and also on preparation for differential exams, recognition exams and others.

Individual and Group Tutoring

It is very difficult for most of foreign students to attend Czech schools. There are problems such as a language barrier, unawareness of Czech culture or social isolation. Czech schools are not prepared for the presence of foreigners in their classrooms and therefore it is very difficult for foreign students to manage to understand so much new schoolwork without an individual approach. Volunteers try to eliminate this language and cultural disadvantage by regular tutoring of basic subjects.

Every volunteer has usually one client for tutoring. The tutoring can be held in a group, if it is necessary and if all participants agree (e.g. tutoring of Czech grammar for children from the same class).
Firstly, a social worker analyzes the situation and needs of a client. Secondly, an individual plan is created. Then, a regular tutoring takes place on arranged days (usually once a week, if it is necessary for clients and possible for volunteers, it can take place more often).

Preparation for Entrance Exams

Volunteers prepare clients for entrance exams for secondary schools and universities. The form is the same as tutoring and the content is dependent on requirements of particular educational institutions where clients apply.